An introduction to yours truly

The people behind the Design Co.

An Introduction to Yours Truly

The people behind the Design Co.

We are a couple of great friends turned business partners with a true passion for spectacular event experiences.


Welcome to our epic collaboration 



Let’s face it; weddings are expensive, both financially and emotionally. You get one chance to make it perfect so talent and experience are essential when planning your most important day.  

Our company stands apart, with a dynamic team of industry professionals focusing on EXPERIENCE and INNOVATION, not formula or imitation.

At The Design Co. we pride ourselves on our efforts to truly understand our clients, their styles, and personality and work to infuse this into their custom wedding.

Melissa Thompson


Organizational Expert

Floral Specialist

Design Visionary

Kind-hearted human

Fleetwood Mac lover

I am an all-around lover of keeping things organized; a creative person who loves trying new things and expressing myself through design, clothing, and makeup.

I am dedicated to providing the absolute highest quality of service and experience to my clients and their families.

My passions include- getting outdoors to explore, spending quality time with my friends & family, and attempting to figure out the answer to all of life’s problems (through intricate puzzles and escape rooms of course).

I absolutely live and breathe personal connection and event curation. I feel the best way to share life experiences and truly make a difference in someone’s life takes place in your first interaction with someone else.

My happiness Is found through business building, creative expression and exploring the unknown. I am passionate about your experience from beginning to end feeling unique and memorable.

My event expertise is in curating atmosphere, food & beverage, and guest experience. I am a lover of sharing wine with friends, dancing, and audiobooks (admittedly…reality television as well) 

Sarah Kelly


Technology Guru

Lover of Fine Details

Event Planner Extraordinaire

Yoga Instructor

Friendship Builder

The Founders

Hi, it’s us! The creators and founders of The Design Co. Ottawa. Our business has been built upon our passion for stunning event design and ultimate dedication to our clients.

We truly value the years we have committed to the wedding design & event planning industry. As life progresses, we too press on to new, challenging, creative business endeavors. The Design Co. vision, mission, and values continue forward and we couldn’t be happier to spread the love (in all aspects).



Stacey Price & Erin Charmichael